1.  The number to be admitted
34 (including special selection from non-student applicants)
Doctoral course of PhD for 4 years on Basic Dentistry or Clinical Dentistry
The PhD degree is conferred upon those who have fulfilled the required credits in the specialized field of study with due supervision by designated supervisors, have presented a doctoral thesis on the inventive research, and have passed the final examination.
2.  Department
[ Basic Science ]
Department Chairman
Anatomy Prof. Shinichi Abe
Histology and Developmental Biology
Prof. Hitoshi Yamamoto
Physiology Prof. Masakazu Tazaki
Biochemistry Prof. Toshifumi Azuma
Microbiology Prof. Kazuyuki Ishihara
Pharmacology Prof. Masataka Kasahara
Dental Materials Science Prof. Eiji Kawada
Epidemiology and Public Health Prof. Naoki Sugihara
Forensic Odontology and Anthropology
Prof. Masatsugu Hashimoto
Social Dentistry Prof. Soichiro Hirata
[ Clinical Dentistry ]
Department Chairman
Endodontics, Pulp and Periapical Biology Prof. Masahiro Furusawa
Periodontology Prof. Atsushi Saito
Pediatric Dentistry Prof. Seikou Shintani
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Prof. Takahiko Shibahara
Oral Pathobiological Science and Surgery Prof. Akira Katakura
Removable Prosthodontics and Gerodontology Prof. Kaoru Sakurai
Crown and Bridge Prosthodontics Prof. Toru Sato
Removable Partial Prosthodontics Prof. Shuichiro Yamashita
Orthodontics Prof. Kenji Sueishi
Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Prof. Tazuko Goto
Dental Anesthesiology Prof. Tatsuya Ichinohe
Oral Health and Clinical Science Prof. Kenichi Fukuda
Oral Implantology Prof. Yasutomo Yajima
Clinical Pathophysiology Prof. Takashi Inoue
Oral Medicine, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Prof. Takeshi Nomura
3.  Requirements for admission
1)  Dental School or the Faculty of Dentistry graduates, or will graduate in March 2016.
2)  The equivalent level to the dental school graduates.
4.  Required documents
1) Application form (prescribed form)
2) Curriculum vitae (prescribed form)
3) Transcript
4) Certificate of graduation
5) 4 photos (4 cm x 3 cm, taken within 3 months, with no hat on)
6) Certificate of health (prescribed form)
7) Examination Fee \ 40,000
5.  Application Date
I October 1 to November 20, 2015
II January 12 to February 26, 2016
(From 9:00 to 17:00 except Saturday, Sunday and National Holiday)
6.  Schedule of examination
  Date Subject Hour Venue Date of announcement of exam.result
I December 5(Sat) English 9:30-11:00 Tokyo Dental College,
Suidobashi Campus
December 11(Fri)
Major subject & interview 11:10-
II March 5(Sat) English 9:30-11:00 March
Major subject & interview 11:10-
* All submitted documents and examination fee should not be refunded with any reason.
7.  Tuition
Entrance Fee: 300,000yen
Tuition: 600,000yen
Student Association fee: 2,000yen
Facility Maintenance fee: 100,000yen
8.  Due date of payment
I: December 14 to December 21, 2015
II: March 14 to March 22, 2016
For further information and/or questions, please contact the following.
Tokyo Dental College
2-9-18, Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0061, Japan
Tel:  81-3-6380-9283