Professor: Takahiko Shibahara, DDS, PhD.
Professor: Nobuo Takano, DDS, PhD.
Professor: Takeshi Uchiyama, DDS, PhD.
Assoc. Prof.: Takashi Takaki, DDS, PhD.
Assist. Prof.: Yoko Nakano, DDS, PhD.
Assist. Prof.: Hakubun Yonezu, DDS, PhD.
Assist. Prof.: Ken-ichiro Suga, DDS, PhD.
Assis. Prof.: Kiyohiro Kasahara, DDS, PhD.
Assist. Prof.: Takeshi Nomura, DDS, PhD.

Research Field
  1. Basic and clinical study on oral cancer
    1) Structure and metabolism of oral membrane
    2) Genesis mechanism of oral cancer
    3) Histopathology of oral cancer
    4) Treatment of oral cancer and its evaluation

  2. Reconstructive surgery on maxillofacial
    1) Clinical anatomy and operation applied to reconstruction of maxillofacial
    2) Microvascular surgery
    3) Reconstructive surgery on jaw bone
    4) Reconstructive surgery on nerve
    5) Functional evaluation after reconstructive surgery

  3. Clinical application of biomaterials
    1) Wound healing
    2) Biomaterial science on maxillofacial prosthesis
    3) Histopathology of dental implant
    4) Biochemistry and histopathology of bone morphogenetic protein

  4. Analysis, evaluation and treatment of dent/facial deformity
    1) Image diagnosis of jaw deformity
    2) Treatment plan and method of jaw deformity
    3) Functional evaluation after orthogenetic surgery (temporomandibular joint, mastication, nerve function)
    4) Genetic analysis of Japanese mandibular protrusion

  5. Basic and clinical research of cleft lip and palate
    1) Evaluation of cleft palate speech
    2) Genetic analysis of cleft lip and /or palate
    3) Morphological and embryology on cleft lip and palate
    4) Statistical analysis of facial attractiveness in cleft lip
  6. Basic and clinical research of temporomandibular joint disease
  7. Clinicopathological research of jaw bone formation and defect