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As the only dental college in Japan with its own general hospital, Tokyo Dental College has three medical institutions that offer advanced dental care while also contributing to their communities as core hospitals. What is more, through training in which students take part in treatment carried out at the medical institutions from their fifth year, the hospitals function as educational institutions that lay the groundwork for the students to practice holistic medical care for dentistry and the oral region.

Suidobashi Hospital

Suidobashi Hospital

Suidobashi Hospital is a 21st-century-style hospital that provides safe, high-quality, and advanced dental care that is closely partnered with medical care based around the ideal of "thoughtful and compassionate medical care." It is beloved by the local community and alumni alike as an urban, university-backed hospital built at the site where Japan's first dental college was launched.
Suidobashi Hospital currently treats an average of 780 patients per day with 20 beds and 136 dental units. The hospital has a staff of 80 dental and medical professionals, providing comprehensive, specialized care through close partnership across nine dental departments and two medical departments (Ophthalmology and Internal Medicine). To meet the varied needs of patients who come to the hospital from all over Japan, the hospital has established a dedicated dental clinic for out-of-town patients. Suidobashi Hospital has been designated a hospital of highest excellence by the Dentists' Clinical Training Facility and the Tokyo Metropolitan Clinical Education Board.

Ichikawa General Hospital

Since its establishment in 1946 to enhance the general medical education of dental students, Ichikawa General Hospital has steadily expanded its list of services.
Today this 570-bed general hospital boasts 24medical departments, various specialty centers that implement multidisciplinary medical care that goes above and beyond the framework of these medical departments, and 570 beds, allowing it to provide advanced, cutting-edge medical care. As the only general hospital in Japan affiliated with a dental college, the hospital serves a central role in providing medical care for the community as a basis for close collaborations between dentistry and general medicine. In addition, the Home Care Station has been newly established there. It offers dental care via house calls and also trains dentists and dental hygienists.

Chiba Dental Center

Chiba Hospital, opened in September 1981. Since then, it has been contributing to the medical care of the community as a college-affiliated hospital that provides advanced dental care. In April 2018 the center embarked upon a new chapter in its history, as it changed its name to the Chiba Dental Center and transitioned from being a hospital to a clinic. Moving forward, the center will promote coordination and the sharing of roles with local medical institutions as it maintains the functions of all of its medical departments. It accommodates the increasingly diverse needs of its patients, while also proactively taking charge of highly-specialized medical cases that are difficult for family physicians to handle. The center is planning to build a new medical institution scheduled for completion around the Spring of 2021. Through this, it will continue to contribute to the medical and dental care of the community by providing advanced dental care as a medical institution affiliated with the dental college.