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Junior College for Dental Hygienist



From the time when the Tokyo Dental College first began offering education to dental hygienists in 1949 down to the present, it has trained and produced more than 2,000 outstanding dental hygienists. It is not going too far to say that this has led to the development of dental hygienists in Japan, as well as to safeguarding   the health of numerous people. Since moving our main campus to Suidobashi in 2013 Tokyo Dental College for Dental Hygienists decided to open a junior college at this same campus in 2017. This has enabled us to provide a "new type of education for dental hygienists" by fully capitalizing on Tokyo Dental College's high-level functions for education, clinical care, and research.

Training Dental Hygienists Capable of Accommodating the Changing Needs of Society at a High Level

The goal of the Tokyo Dental Junior College for Dental Hygienists is to provide instruction in specialized techniques and knowledge. It also aims to foster human resources furnished with rich educational attainment and excellent character, thereby contributing to the well-being of humanity. In light of the advancing aging of society, dental hygienists are trained to not only properly provide dental prophylaxis treatment, supplemental dental treatment, and guidance on oral health, but also to be able to handle coordination with medical and nursing care professionals when it comes to elderly persons who require nursing care and patients with medical ailments.