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Message from President and Dean

Yoshinobu Ide

Tradition and Innovation
-Striving to Meet the Demands of a New Era through Education-

President and Dean
IDE Yoshinobu, DDS, PhD.

The year 2020 marked the 130th anniversary of the founding of Tokyo Dental College, the oldest such college in Japan. Our motto of “Character building is the first step in becoming a dentist” encapsulates our philosophy as a center of excellence for the provision of dental care and education. Our mission is two-fold: not only to instill the knowledge and practical skills required of a dentist in our young students, but also to foster the sense of social responsibility and duty that society expects of them.

The population of Japan is aging at an unprecedented rate seen nowhere else in the world, which means that the education we provide must be in line with the demands that such change will inevitably bring about. It is with this in mind, that we have structured our three hospitals to provide the broadest possible range of care, making the most of the distinctive features of each.

The Suidobashi Hospital is a key dental facility where patients can receive a wide range of the most advanced treatments available today. The Ichikawa General Hospital can offer general medical care in addition to excellent dental treatment, and is, indeed, the only general hospital in Japan affiliated with a dental college.

It also boasts the newly established Tokyo Dental College Sugano Home Care Station, which was set up to provide home dental care and train both dentists and dental hygienists. The Chiba Dental Center offers highly-specialized dental care, while also providing general dental care in response to the needs of the community. But this is not its only role: it also functions as a center of excellence for the training of the next generation of dentists who will one day go forth and serve their respective communities.

Thus, Tokyo Dental College is uniquely positioned to provide both a wide range of dental care, from the general to the highly specialized, while also nurturing the young, who will shoulder the responsibility of providing such care in Japan in the future. It is for this reason that Tokyo Dental College is widely recognized as the leader in its field, a testament to the leading role it has played, and continues to play, in dental education.

We are justly proud of our straightforward and reliable approach to education, the fruit of which are the young men and women who each year graduate this college and go out into the community to provide the very best of dental care on the front line of medicine in Japan.