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Since Tokyo Dental College’ s founding, our research activities have been carried out by exceptional researchers. These have produced numerous groundbreaking achievements and have constantly been at the forefront of dentistry through- out each era. In particular, Tokyo Dental College carries out research not only on the specialized field of dental medicine, but also on an extensive range of other fields such as related medical sciences and in the liberal arts. On account of this, we achieve distinctive research results the likes of which are not seen at other colleges.

Oral Health Science Center

The Oral Health Science Center is a research base that promotes cutting-edge and comprehensive research on the tissues in the oral region, as well as their functions and dental care for them. Shared equipment that can be used by all of the courses and laboratories has been established at the center in order to carry out cross- cutting research. Research results are presented at workshops that are held once a year.

The Oral Health Science Center has two divisions that contribute to the advance- ment and development of dentistry

The Oral Health Science Center features the Strategic Research Division, where two joint-re- search projects undertaken via core research and inter-university partnerships form the mainstay of the research, as well as the Research Support Division, which promotes smooth research activities. Both of these undertake their activities with the objective of contributing to the advancement and development of dentistry.

Tokyo Dental College Research Branding Project

Multidisciplinary Research Center for Jaw Disease (MRCJD):Achieving Longevity and Sustainability by Comprehensive Reconstruction of Oral and Maxillofacial Function

Jawbone disorders hinder the oral functions that underpin many basic everyday tasks such as eating, talking, and smiling. This project seeks to organize the world's first multidisciplinary re- search center on jawbone disorders and contribute to achieving a society in which patients can grow older in a sustainable and healthy manner by restoring their oral functions. By promoting this project, we aim to instantiate our "Vision for the Future" of the college of establishing a solid foundation ca- pable of contributing to society through cutting-edge education and medical care. Through this, we also aspire to brand the school as a "college that fosters dentists who adhere to both a humanistic and research-oriented mindset."